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Let's be honest, online dating can sometimes be a real drag. You might sign up to one of the mainstream dating apps, only to find it impossible to stand out amongst the crowd. You might check out one of the more niche sites, only to find you've wasted your money on a scam site. It happens, and it's a lot more regular than you might think.

Put simply, online dating isn't easy, but there's one way to make the whole process a lot easier: you need to ditch the dating sites and check out hookup sites and apps instead. Hookup apps take the hassle out of finding a willing partner, be it for the night or for the forseeable future. The cold hard truth is that if you want to get laid with minimal effort, you need a hookup app in your life.

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The best hookup sites keep have just one aim: to get you laid. But even though these platforms share a common goal, there are still some massive differences between them. While one hookup app might get you laid as a one-off, others specialize in finding you long-term fuck buddies and friends with benefits. Therefore, you need to work out which casual sex sites gel with your circumstances.

So, you have two options. The first is to go through the trial and error process. That means you can spend the next few months checking out all of the adult hookup sites you can get your hands on. Given that there's thousands on the market, this could take quite a while. Alternatively, the second option is to check out our personalized quiz.

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The best adult dating sites right here.

We understand that no two people are the same, especially when it comes to their dating needs. Everyone is looking for something different, whether it's the occasional one night stand or regular local hookups with a particular type of person, and no single dating site can provide exactly what you need. That's why it's important to shop around and find the adult dating sites that cater to your desires.

That's our quiz takes everything about you; your personality, your sexual preferences, your interests, your location and your sexual history, to match you with the hookup website that will keep you busy night after night, time after time. Here's what our hookup sites quiz takes into account:


This is the most important one. If you're looking for casual sex, you need to find a hookup site with a strong user base in your area. While the mainstream hookup platforms like Tinder and OKCupid will cater to every city in the world, some of the more niche dating and hookup sites tend to thrive in certain parts of the country.


Just because you're having casual sex, doesn't mean your personality doesn't come into play. When you match with someone who shares your personality traits, this helps create a stronger attachment between you both. If you're more comfortable in each others' presence, you'll connect with each other better in the bedroom. Matching personalities creates comfort, and comfort equals better sex.

Relationship Preferences

Casual hookups come in all forms. Not everyone is looking for a wham, bam, one night stand. Some dating site users might want to meet someone they can enjoy multiple bouts of casual sex with, like a fuck buddy or friends with benefits. By the same token, you might be looking for a specific type of partner, like a cougar or a married woman. Our quiz will take your relationship desires and find the best online dating sites for you.

Sexual History

You might think you want the hottest, wildest chicks you can get your grubby hands on, but that's not always the best idea - especially if you're sexually inexperienced. Diving right in to a world of sexual promiscuity, hardcore fucking and adventurous babes can sometimes be daunting, so it's sometimes a good idea to start small and build up to the raunchier stuff.


Like we mentioned in the personality section, it's a good idea to connect with your fuck partner on a non-sexual level too. That's why our quiz will take your interests into account and find a hookup site to help meet like-minded people. It might sound like a minor thing, but little things like this help meet someone you'll connect with more intensely in the bedroom.

Fetishes & Kinks

This is a major one, especially as there are plenty of free hookup sites that specialize in certain sexual kinks. Our quiz will take all of your bedroom preferences and help find you the best dating site to meet people who share your perverted desires. As you might expect, this is one of the easiest ways to ensure your bedroom activities are as explosive as possible.
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I've tried lots of dating apps like Tinder before, but always wondered if there are any hookup sites out there I'd have better luck on. Turns out there's loads of girls within just a few miles that would love to have sex with me! I'd just been using the wrong apps to find them. I tried the Hookup Sites quiz and they got me signed up for Pure and Adult Friend Finder. In the past couple of weeks, I've fucked 5 chicks from these hookup sites, and deleted Tinder from my phone. If you're having trouble getting the sex you want, definitely go take their quiz and say goodbye to dry spells.

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Dating Sites Vs Hookup Sites

The two terms are often used interchangably, but there's quite a difference between the two. Broken down, there's a few notable difference between casual dating sites and hookup sites, and we've detailed the main ones below.

Different User Bases

Hookup sites tend to attract a much different crowd than traditional online dating sites. Hookup sites tend to be rife with younger, more sexually adventurous folks who are more likely to take risks and get a little wild behind closed doors. Dating sites attract people a little more sexually conservative, meaning they're not the best places to find easy casual sex.

Different Expectations

If you've used any dating site, you'll know that most of the women on there expect to be wooed. That means long conversations, expensive dinners and at least three dates before they let you on for the ride. However, the users on free hookup websites and apps expect nothing of the sort. These women understand that you're not interested in any sort of platonic connection, so they don't make you go through the whole three-date thing before jumping into bed.

Number of Features

The best hookup sites have minimal features, as like we mentioned, hookup app users aren't looking to make serious connections. The focus is solely on casual sex, so there's no need for mini-games, blogs, erotic stories or any of the unnecessary community spirit that plagues most traditional dating sites. Hookup sites strip things back to basics and only include the features that are necessary to facilitate hookups.
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There's a free hookup site for everyone, you just need to find the one that works for you. Our sex app quiz takes everything into account and advises you exactly which app (or apps) you'll thrive on. Right this second, there are thousands of girls within a few miles of you that just want a cock for the night - are you willing to give it to them?

If so, you need to be in the right place to make it happen. Forget the standard dating apps, it's time to find a platform that doesn't take its users for granted. It doesn't matter what you look like, how much money you've got or how sexually experienced you are - we'll help you find a fuck partner in no time at all.

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Here's a short list of the best casual dating sites to hookup fast and easy

Our personalized quiz will help find the best hookup app for you, but if you want an idea of what to expect, we've put together a helpful guide for you. Here's our hookup site brand overview.


Flirt is a straightforward dating app that does things by the book, but it's got a few unique features that help it stand out from the crowd. Its biggest draw is the Random Flirt feature, which connects you with a local person of the opposite sex without having to go through any kind of match making process. If you and your potential partner like what you see, you can begin chatting.

It's a little like Chat Roulette but adapted for online dating purposes. Better yet is that Flirt puts a heavy focus on casual sex and one night stands, so it's certainly not a place to find a serious relationship. You might be surprised at exactly how useful randomly connecting with strangers can be.


As the name suggests, OneNightFriend is a platform to find one night stands. Don't expect to find any serious relationships on here, since the site only attracts people looking for casual engagements. If that sounds up your street, OneNightFriend makes for a fantastic, streamlined hookup website that definitely fires on all cylinders.

OneNightFriend is most popular in the UK, most a million-strong user base across Britain and certain parts of Europe. It's one of the few paid hookup websites on this list, although there's a free version to help get a taste of the platform to see if it works for you. As far as adult dating sites go, there's no better place to find a one night stand thant OneNightFriend.


BeNaughty might very well be the best casual dating app available right now. With adult chat rooms, dating forums, and a user base consisting of 10-million plus across the world, this all combines to create one of the top hookup sites of the modern age. It has both a matching system and a grid-style system to help find partners, and both are as streamlined and as efficient as they come.

This hookup platform tends to attract younger users, with the average user age sitting at a spritely 23. As you can imagine, these young babes are on the hunt for casual flings, and all of BeNaughty's interactive features makes meeting these lively girls convenient and simple. With an extremely detailed search function, video chat feature and more, BeNaughty might well be your new favorite dating site.


Canadians take note, because Together2night is one of the hottest new hookup apps in your country. It's a fun site that attracts the casual crowd, helping frisky individuals all across Canada meet like-minded people for no strings attached fun. Don't expect to find a serious relationship or your future wife, because Together2night certainly isn't for that.

Together2night works like Tinder, only it allows users to browse profiles before swiping left or right. Once you match with someone, you can begin the seduction process, and the ladies on here are very willing to jump into bed at the click of the fingers. A premium membership is required to use the site in full, but there's a free version available to get a taste of the site before committing.

Adult Friend Finder

One of the oldest and most reputable adult dating sites of all time, Adult Friend Finder is still going strong even 25 years on. With chat rooms, forums, blogs and personal ad pages, Adult Friend Finder is a veritable all-rounder when it comes to finding easy sexual encounters. With so many interactive features, it's a dating website / social media hybrid. NSA dating is at the forefront of the platform, which also boasts a user base running into the multiple millions.

As one of the best dating sites in the game, AdultFriendFinder is big on interactivity and short on annoying ads. The site doesn't collect financial or personal data and doesn't bombard you with unwanted links like some dating apps. Check this platform out today and find out why it's one of the top hookup sites of all time.


Seeking is a hookup site dedicated to sugar dating. That means sugar daddies, sugar mommies and sugar babies willing to trade money for companionship, sex and intimacy. No one said hookup sites and apps had to promote dignity, and judging by Seeking's 2-million user base plus, lots of people out there are willing to partake in a transactional sugar dating relationship.

Men will need to boast of their wealth to stand out, and women will need to show off their exquisite good looks. One of the most appealing things about Seeking, at least for men, is that you don't need to be shredded to stand out. Providing you can show off pictures of your personal yacht, you'll find the gorgeous ladies on here throwing themselves at you.


Tinder might be the most popular casual dating app of all time. After revolutionizing the hookup scene back in 2012, Tinder has remained at the top of the list when it comes to the best free hookup sites. It's still frequented by multiple millions every single hour of the day, and its vast user base is just one of the reasons why it's the go-to platform for local hookups.

Simple swipe right if you like someone, swipe left if you don't. When you match with someone, it's a simple trajectory to the bedroom. Tinder still promotes the same thing it did when it first arrived eight years ago and that's no strings attached hookups, so you can rest assured that anyone you connect with will be looking for the same thing you are.


eHarmony is a little different to the other platforms on this list because it's known as a place to find long term relationships. That's still true to this day, but it doesn't mean that eHarmony isn't a place to find no strings attached arrangements too. It's just as good as any of the other apps mentioned here, if not better in many respects.

Like we said, everyone is different, and eHarmony's average user age is 38. So, if you're seeking a MILF, cougar or older woman, eHarmony is the best hookup app to make it happen. And despite it being a place synonymous with finding serious relationships, not every single user will be so reserved. Come in and try your luck on eHarmony today.


Everybody wants to fuck a particular celebrity. It's human nature. But Raya is a new hookup app that actually makes this once-farfetched fantasy a very real possibility. Raya is a platform where celebrities, actors, actresses, influencers, musicians, YouTubers and other modern stars can meet people for fun, dating and sex.

It makes sense. After all, famous people want sex too and they need a place to find it. While Raya doesn't allow just anyone on their hub, it does allow 'regular' people on there providing they're reasonably cultured. Prove you're someone who is able to hang with the A-listers and you'll be allowed to mingle with stars, and if you're lucky, maybe sleep with one.


Gay hookups are on the menu with Grindr. In fact, gay hookups are both the starter, main course and dessert on here, because Grindr is a total paradise of horny boys looking to get their backsides stuffed. It has a reputation for being one of the most sordid and debauched platforms of any gay hookup sites.

It makes sense, given than men are much more liberal when it comes to screwing strangers. Grindr works like a traditional dating app, allowing users to browse through profiles at their leisure and pick out potential fuck partners as they wish. There's no matching system to speak of, just an open forum full of horny men ready to fuck at a moment's notice.

Down Dating

How many times have you stalked a girl's Facebook photos wishing you could hook up with them? How often do you fantasize about screwing some of those hot girls you went to school with, or that flirty colleague of yours who's always got her cleavage on show? Well, with Down Dating, you have the opportunity to hook up with your Facebook friends.

Connect Down Dating to your Facebook profile and you'll be shown all of your friends (and friends of friends) who also have the app. It doesn't guarantee you'll get to sleep with them, but you'll at least know that they're down to fuck. After that, it's just a matter of trying your luck. Who knows, maybe that dirty colleague of yours wants to fuck you too?


Tinder but with a twist, Bumble puts the power in the woman's hands. One of the most common complaints from women about swipe-based apps is that they are indundated with messages from guys after matching with them. Luckily, Bumble has found a nifty little way around this problem, and it's quite genius to say the least, making it the best app for women.

After matching with someone on Bumble, it's up to the woman to make first contact. After that, you're free to talk, but your conversation will self-destruct after one hour. That incentivizes people to take their conversations over to text, which then makes it more likely that you'll eventually hook up. Bumble is a paid app, but there's a free version to try it before you buy it.


Pure calls itself a 'shameless dating app,' encouraging its users to fulfil their sexual fantasies with a like-minded stranger or friends with benefits. Pure is all about pushing yourself to your sexual limits and indulging all of your filthiest desires, so if there's a particular fantasy, scenario or sex act you want to act out, Pure is the place to find someone who'll do it with you.

And like Bumble, all chats are deleted after 24 hours, meaning you have to act quick if you want to hook up. This might sound like a downer, but it helps encourage people to actually get off their ass, meet up in person and roleplay that dirty scenario they've always dreamt of. Sound like a dream? Give Pure a download and see exactly what it can offer you.


The alternative dating scene is thriving in 2021, and its thanks to kinky sex sites like FEELD. This app specifically caters to people who are looking for something out of the ordinary when it comes to bedroom activities, be it BDSM, swinging, cuckolding, fetish play, body worship, naughty massages and more. Basically, if you can think of it, you'll find people on FEELD into it.

Alternative hookups are actually quite hard to come by, but the users on FEELD are a little more open to getting frisky with strangers. Usually, alternative lifestylers favor trust and emotional bonding before getting rutty with someone new, but that's not FEELD's style. It encourages casual relationships of the alt kind by the bucketload.

Reddit R4R

Not a dating app as such, but still a decent platform to find casual sex partners. Reddit R4R is subreddit that doubles as a personal ads site. Unlike most hookup websites, you don't browse through profiles and select partners based on looks or interests. Instead, users simply post what they're looking for and wait for the replies to roll in.

Just include your age, location, sexual preference and any personal information and you'll get a response pretty quickly. Reddit R4R is frequented by millions of users every single day, most based in the US, so there's a good chance someone in your area will run across your ad. Better still is that ads stay up for ages, so you'll get passive hookup opportunities over the ensuing months.

Ashley Madison

Much more than just a casual dating site, Ashley Madison is actually one of the most unique sex sites available today. You might have heard about it before since it's pretty controversial, but Ashley Madison is completely dedicated to cheating. Married men and women come to AM every night of the week to find someone to play away with.

Discretion is paramount on AM. Most users choose to keep their profiles vague just in case their significant other catches a whiff of their deceit. What makes Ashley Madison one of the best hookup sites is that cheating women tend to keep things on the down low. They usually have small windows of opportunity for discreet sex, meaning they'll jump into bed with any guy who happens to be available at the time. You've got to be in it to win it, as they say.

Victoria Milan

And while we're on the subject of cheating, here's another platform that helps people find affairs. While Ashley Madison is frequented by singles with a cheating fetish, Victoria Milan is exclusively for use by married people. To join the platform, it's a requirement to show your marriage certificate to prove you're there for its intended purposes.

It might sound like a tough barrier to breach, but this helps keep away prying eyes. Therefore, Victoria Milan is a little more open than AM as there's no reason for cheaters to hide their pictures. It's a safe, confidential platform where married folk can find someone to reignite the passion in their sex lives. It's not moral by any means, but if you're stuck in a rut in your marriage, Victoria Milan will help spice things up.
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